Facebook Games – Super Drift 3D, The Lance, Word Trouble, Stickshot 2

Super Drift 3D

A car racer where you can choose the difficulty and whether you want to time trial or play arcade. I went with an intermediate car on the arcade to see what was going down. The music is mental, the kind of thing you get on a dance mat, as in super speed electronic bopping. You use the arrow buttons to accelerate, break and turn, and apparently the shift button to drift, however I was banging away on every shift button I’ve got and nothing happened at all. The graphics are very blocky and the control of the car itself it quite pitiful – I just drove full speed at bends and slid round them Burnout-style. At one point a pixelated McDonalds sign flashed past so to end it all I slammed my finger down on the gas and headed for the next brick wall. I bounced off it and the game calmly placed me back on the track… you can never leave…


The Lance

Produced by Armor Games, the start menu starts off with some delicate haunted-sounding music with a couple of monks humming and aahing away. You name your knight (I went with Geoff) and you’re invited to a bi-decadely jousting tournament for a chance to win ‘The Lance’. Now the ye olde merry jester medieval music comes in and we have to charge. I think you click your mouse to speed up the horse, but I click once not realising, I then have to hit the space bar and everything freezes. It then zooms in and you have to choose where to hit the other person. I receive massive body damage. They lose their shield. Clearly I need more practice at this. I go in for another round, the clicking thing doesn’t seem to work this time either, I get a horse contact warning and then get booed off the paddock. Yeah, third match I knock the other one off his horse and get some experience points. I also realise that I’m actually riding what they call a ‘silly donkey’. This is pretty good fun, just a shame the clicking to speed up the horse (or donkey) freezes the game.


Word Trouble

A kind of mash up of Scrabble and Scramble, where you have a large board of letters and you need to click adjacent letters to form as many words as you can. There is a letters requirement for you to move up to the next level, and a time bonus for every word you find, as well as bonus letters placed around the board for extra points. Every letter used disappears, and more fall down from the top of the board. It’s not bad, but is missing the addictiveness of Scramble. You also have to watch adverts.


Stickshot 2

In this detective/shooter game you start off watching a comic segment which give you a bit of information and you find out what your mission is. In a fit of multi-apping I whipped out Shazam on my phone to find out what the piece of classical music was that was playing, but it failed to identify it. Isn’t worth the memory space it takes up half the time. In the first level you’re leaving retirement and coming back to deal with a thug getting too big for his boots. And the game begins. You choose whether to buy explosives, ammo or a new gun and from a rooftop you begin your deadly assault. It’s all comic drawn and the people you have to shoot are little stick men who run about, hide and shoot back. Also you only have a limited number of bullets so you have to be quick, but also accurate. Phoning gives you the location of the people you have to shoot, who show up highlighted in red, and you get money for a job done. If you get hit your health decreases, another incentive to hunt them down fast. It’s a really fun little game, I was very impressed – it’s particularly good fun to try and hit them on the run. By the third level it’s getting pretty difficult as you have to protect somebody moving through the city, where gunmen appear out of nowhere. Very good fun, and very well put together.


Winner of the week: Stickshot 2


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